Why CultureScapes

So what makes CultureScapes so special?

The People:

It starts from the fact that the people running CultureScapes have been living in Asia for some 10 years now, and has been traveling the globe extensively. This allows us to put up programs that are the best combination of a true exploration, while putting in mind that for many of you, our travelers, this is also your annual vacation, and the only time for you to experience something so different from your everyday life. On top of it, we make sure there is some leisure time in our trips, so you can really get back home recharged for another few months, before taking your next vacation with us.
Apart from the company’s directors, all our staff are locals, that knows the paths of the country like the back of their hands. The speak the language, knows the culture, and are able to give attention to details that a foreign eye could never do. This will allow you, the travelers, not only to travel more comfortably, but also to get to see parts of the country that you will not get to see in most of the other trips in the regions in which we operate.

The Safety:

We, at CultureScapes, understand that the highest priority of each of our travelers is to get back home in at least as good shape as he left home. On the other hand, adventure travel, by nature, is an activity that exposes the traveler to various dangers and hazards. Hence, CultureScapes is making every possible effort in order to eliminate the involved risks as much as possible, and to reduce them when total elimination is not an option. It starts with extensive safety training each of our guides is undergoing at least once a year, and it continues with very careful planning of the program, to avoid any unnecessary risks.

The Environment:

For us, in CultureScapes, going green is not only a slogan, marketing tool, or a page on our website. We extensively training our staff on how to conduct our trips in a way in which we would meet two requirements- protect the environment, and respect local communities. Over our nearly 10 years of operations, we have been working we have been working with a wide range of organizations, among them WWF, the Mongolian National Parks Authority and others, in order to educate locals on how to harness tourism to benefit their livelihood, while not only protecting the environment, but also taking an active role in various projects that benefits the environment as well as local communities.
We are focusing on purchasing and hire locally. Not only that all our staff are locals, but while on the road we would buy food supplies from the locals, and hire them to support our trips. These allows us to get familiar with the local culture, as well as getting to see places and sites that are often not known to other traveling in the region.

The Programs:

Based on our comprehensive knowledge of the travel destinations in which we are conducting our trips in, we are able to build programs that increases the safety, allowing great time management so the trip runs in a  good pace and smooth scheduling, alongside the opportunity to get an up-close encounters with the local culture and people and get to see the true gems of each of these travel destinations. Living in Asia for such a long time allows us to distinct between those sites that has been known as “tourist attractions” to those places, sometimes off the beaten trek that are offering a unique point of view over the country and its people.


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