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Joanna Harrison
Joanna Harrison,
Melbourne, Australia

Joanna has traveled twice with Mongolian Ways - Once in summer of 2005 with her parents on their first overseas trip, and a second time with her companion Chris, in the winter of 2005.

I had been living in Mongolia three months when my parents decided to visit. I started to shop around for our countryside adventure, but found no one other than Mongolia Ways could provide the professionalism and service I wanted for my parents' first overseas trip - and, as promised, everything ran like clock-work with the itinerary perfectly matched to my first-time travelling parents.

Another four months later, with the winter closing in and my boyfriend arriving from France, I was looking to do my second big trip for the year. This time, without the parents in tow, I was looking for a little more adventure and had my heart set on travelling to Mongolia's "Wild West" to experience the famous eagle hunting season.

Again, I approached a number of agencies, but everyone discouraged me from the West during the freezing winter months, except Mongolian Ways - and Chris and I had, what I expect, will be the trip of our lifetimes. We travelled with three wonderful Mongolian guides, stayed with nomadic families and hunted with the area's most famous Eagle Hunter - an experience we will never forget, even if our eye lashes did freeze!

Joanna Harrison

Mikaela Webb
(age 8)

Mikaela Webb's family went on our Jewels of Mongolia trip, with a few modifications of their own.

I thought that our tour for was just brilliant. Travelling with our tour guides was fantastic and I really like them and our excellent drivers.
I made good friends with our tour guides Soyolo ( Soggy) and Sobo. They were really nice to all the kids me, Noah, Josh and Joey.
One night we really enjoyed it when our parents went out and they baby-sat us.

To see how the nomads live in the country was like going back in time.
I was hoping to see that and I did.   We also stopped off at a Ger school and just too see how they learned was amazing.
I was told that they put in the one Ger school ages 3-7.
I wondered if the 3 year olds would feel a bit uncomfortable.

Our trip with Mongolian Ways was great so great we are coming back next year.

Mikaela Webb (aged 8)