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TIES Mongolian Ways is a proud member of the International Eco Tourism Society.

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Our Ulaanbaatar based office works the entire year ensuring that you will leave Mongolia energized in body and mind, carrying with you the memories of a fantastic adventure and a love of Mongolia and its people. Managing Director and founder Ron, travelled the entire Asia Pacific region, then left his job as a manager in an agricultural company to share his exploration bug with others. A real expedition enthusiast, Ron continues to develop new and innovative trips for Mongolian Ways travellers. Sugara, our operations manager, works the unbelievable magic that pulls together a trip vision and all the ingredients that make it fly - ensuring that your experience is unforgettable. Munkhnasaan (Munguu), in charge of suppliers and operations, pulls in the logistics arrangements and staff that support each trip. Tuudevanchig (Vanya), is the expedition leader on some of our more demanding trips, our guide trainer, and our man-Friday. He does little things like make the sun rise on time. Michelle, our marketing manager, left a career in international consulting to put her love of taking off on mad adventures and her experience with international travel to better use in her favorite country - Mongolia.

Enthusiastic and Tireless, from Sunrise to Sunset


We happen to think our staff of guides, drivers, and expedition cooks are some of the best in Mongolia. All staff receive International Red Cross certificed first aid training, and ongoing professional development and additional training in new subjects each winter. At our annual season-closing party we review the last year’s trips and all staff participate in developing new ideas for continual improvements to our trips, our operations, and our own skills. This could be adding a stop on our trips to a newly discovered spot, changing the design of our portable equipment, adding chargers for cameras to our vehicles, or cataloging the latin names of local flora and fauna for our guests. Our guides are encouraged to specialize in leading trips they have a passion for. Some prefer the roughly planned exploratories or expeditions where the unexpected may happen, others have a passion for history, buddhist art, or trips where we spend a lot of time with nomadic families. Their unique personalities, dedication, and love of travelling through Mongolia adds the final touch of charm to each and every trip.