The Shaman Kingdom of the Mongols

Prior to the 15th century, the ruling religion of Mongolia was that of the great blue sky – “hoh tenger”. This system of traditional beliefs and practices, known in the west as Shamanism, is based on the idea that the visible world is full of invisible forces or spirits. The shaman as intermediary between the natural and spiritual world, communicates with the spirits of water, wind, fire, trees, the moon and so on, for assistance in healing, hunting or changing the weather. The healers of the Buu, as it is known in Mongolia today, are still performing these peculiar rituals. On this special trip we will take you into this secret world, to see the healer call the spirits into his body and grant him the power to heal and see the future.

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Jun 16 - Jun 28

2-3 pax US$3734
4-7 pax US$3107
8-11 pax US$2500

Domestic Flights: US$166
Single Supplement: US$533

Valid until Dec 2014

Waypoints: 15

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