Trip Legend

Trip Rating Icons

easy Easy
moderate Moderate
challenging Challenging
demanding Demanding
strenuous Strenuous

Trip Legend Keylegend

easy Easy: All nights in hotels or lodges, with any challenging physical activities optional. Easy walks, and comfortable driving distances over paved or moderate dirt roads.
moderate Moderate: Hotels, lodges, or full service tent camping. Hikes of two to four hours on some days. Easy physical activities. May include one to three longer driving days.
challenging Challenging: Includes expedition style camping or stays with local families, where formal washing and toilet facilities may not be available. May include full-day hikes or rides (4 to 6 hours) over moderate terrain and occasional steep trails, or long driving distances on rough roads.
demanding Demanding: Significant expedition style camping or family stays. May include full-day hikes (up to 6 hours) or rides over challenging terrain, long driving distances over rough unpaved roads, or challenging weather conditions, including extremes of temperature.
strenuous Strenuous: Expedition style camping or stays with local families. Includes full-day hikes or rides over mountainous terrain, or other strenuous physical activity requiring good physical fitness. Extreme weather conditions may include very hot and dry conditions or cold, snow and ice.