Waypoints Program

We understand that our customers have many options to choose from in planning their holidays. We have created a special program that rewards our loyal customers with ‘waypoints’ that are earned on each CultureScapes trip and can be redeemed for travel gear, discounts on future trips, or even free trips from CultureScapes partners.

How does it work?

1) Earn points on each trip you take with CultureScapes. The number of points accrued for each trip are posted in the trip details on this website.

2) Redeem points by applying them towards the cost of your next trip with us, or towards travel gear from CultureScapes. Each point has a value of $4 USD when applied towards the cost of your next trip.

After 5 trips you can earn enough points for a free trip with CultureScapes!

Waypoints Members

If you register for the Waypoints Program, we will keep you informed by email about new adventures in travel that allow you to accumulate or apply your points.

How do I join?

When you complete a trip application, tick the box that says 'Yes, I would like to join the waypoints program'. You will be automatically enrolled once the balance due on your first trip is received.