Tom Cole

Tom Cole went on a custom trip designed for the Kyoto International School. The school will return to travel with Mongolian Ways in 2007.

Ron, Sugara and Mongolian Ways team did a superior job of leading us through unfimilar territory to provide us with memories and experiences that we shall cherish.

If you wish to hear more about my Mongolian experience, email me at tamabochi(at)yahoo(dot)com

Tom Cole, Kyoto, Japan

The Classic Trip - Mongolia’s Lakes and Deserts

This trip is designed for those who want to see the best of Mongolian in comfort and style. We will take you by plane to two of the most attractive regions of the country- where you will be visiting two national parks - “ Gobi’s Three Beauties” and the singing sand dunes, and Huvsgul Lake national park, home to a wide variety of wildlife and diverse ethnic minorities. You also visit Kharkhorin- the ancient capital of Chinggis Khan’s Empire, and take an easy 4X4 trip to Tuvhun Monastery. This trip is run using the best accommodations and transport available in Mongolia.

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2-3 pax US$3401
4-7 pax US$3000
8-11 pax US$2541

Domestic Flights: US$370
Single Supplement: US$592

Valid until Dec 2015

Waypoints: 13

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