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As the world’s most diverse con- tinent, Asia offers a unique com- bination of rapidly developing ur- ban centers and remote hilly co- mmunities, where you’ll find the local people preserving the tra- ditional way of life. Its diverse mix of cultures, languages, colorful clo- thing and ancient rituals makes traveling through Asia with Cultu- re Scapes a memorable experien- ce. The breathtaking landscapes, unique culture and rare wildlife are just two of the many things on offer.

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The Jewels of Mongolia

13 days of the best of Mongolia (+)



The Miao and Yao – from China to Lao

22-day expedition to Asia’s remotest regions (+)



Hidden springs and holy castles

15-day trip to the deserts and mountains of China’s frontier (+)



China delights– blossoming China

19-day trip to Sichuan, Yunnan, and the Nine Villages Valley in China (+)



Trekking the Eight Lakes National Park

A 14 days introductory Mongolia trekking trip (+)




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The best tour I have ever had!

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21 Mar 13 - 11 Apr 13
22-day expedition to A...
A unique overland expedition to the “hill tribe land” that borders China, Vietnam and Laos. Despite political disputes and ever-changing borders in this region, a large number of local people have kept their ancient tradition... (+)
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