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Miguel Alonso

Dr. Miguel Alonso,
Catalonia, Spain


Miguel Alonso has published the results of his team's numerous expeditions to explore Mongolian lakes (728 of them!!!). Have a look at the geodata powered website and the expedition photos. We are pround to have provided logistic support for this immense undertaking by this dedicated team.

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Travel in Mongolia

Travel in Mongolia is greatly rewarding for the adventurous and open minded traveler. This vast country in the heart of Asia is home to a nomadic people whose ancient horse based culture has changed little in hundreds of years. Join Mongolian nomads in their migrations, meet the Reindeer People of the northern taiga, Kazakhs in the Altai Mountains, and a host of other ethnic groups. Trekking, hiking, kayaking, horse trekking, dog sledding, and overlanding in 4WD vehicles are only some of the ways to experience adventure travel in the land of the great Genghis Khan. Mongolia is also a spectacular destination for wildlife watching, botanical tours, and bird watching, and a spectrum of richly hued landscapes for photography.

John and Victoria Alexander

"With such short notice and the special requirements we asked for, everything was perfectly organized. Our request for highly specialized tour was accomplished with ease and excellent in every way."

For more about John and Victoria's trip to Mongolia, please visit John's site

If you wish to ask John and Victoria about their Mongolian experience, please email them at nonlethal2(at)aol(dot)com

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